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Our next event will be October 15th & 16th!




Off-Road Park in Fayette, MO, Offering a Family Event with plenty of trails and outdoor fun!

Off-Road Terrain

If you have been looking for a way for your family to have some fun, we’ve got you covered. Our Central Missouri Off-Road Park is offering special two-day family event, filled with off roadings, camping and machine gun rentals

Outdoor Activities

If you’re an off-road rider and you need a place to let loose, you should contact us. Our Fayette, Missouri park offers scheduled occasions, and we would love to host a party or special event just for you.

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Learn More About Central Missouri Off-Road Park

The Central Missouri Off-Road Park is a massive of-road park located in Fayette, Missouri. We are home to the world of off-road and outdoor enthusiasts in the area. There are no other places like ours, here in the Midwest. Our park offers camping, hiking, gun range, and off-road trails for everyone from beginners to extremists. We are the number one spot for family and four wheel fun, so give us a call so we can get you an your family pre-registered for our annual event.

Learn More About Central Missouri Off-Road Park

Contact our off-road park in Fayette, Missouri, to register for some of our entertaining outdoor activities.

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